Training Courses


Training on “Credit Risk Management & Debt Collection Skills”

In recent years, with the continued expansion of credit risk, macroeconomic downturn, the overdue rate is constantly increasing among the micro credit, credit guarantee, leasing and P2P institutions and agencies. It appears to be an urgent and practical problem regarding how to effectively prevent, avoid and solve the risks and to promote healthy development for micro-credit and credit guarantee agencies.
Most enterprises are suffering double dilemma of sale and payment collection difficulties, resulting from lack of proper credit risk management, a serious deficiency of enterprise management. Credit risk and management is increasing becoming a key factor to influence and restrict the business development.
Jin Yi training courses aim at equipping the trainee with professional skills for debt collection and credit management capability. Through case simulation, on-site case comments, the training courses will help the trainees with case diagnosis, consulting and provide best solutions for overdue accounts, moreover, the courses will offer professional suggestion to the trainees’ on-site inquiry so as to help build a credit risk firewall.
Jin Yi has been successively invited to carry out “Credit Risk Management & Debt Collection Skill” training courses in Xi’an, Sanya, Beijing, Harbin, etc. The courses are highly welcomed and praised by the holding party.
Training Schedule
I. Time & Place
(Year-round training starts once the number of trainees is determined)
March 26-March 27, 2016 (two days) Shanghai
May 26-May 27, 2016 (two days) Shanghai
II. Target Trainees
Corporate Financial Manager / Supervisor, micro-credit companies, credit guarantee institutions, pawn shops, private lending companies, asset management, investment companies, banks and financial institutions managers, risk managers.
III. Training Content
A. Corporate Debt Situation B. Private Lending Situation
C. Debt Age VS Collection Rate (Domestic)
D. Debt Age VS Collection Rate (Abroad)
E. Foreign Accounts Receivable Management
F. Reasons for Accounts Receivable
G. Management Methods and Skills for Accounts Receivable
H. Credit Guarantee Risk Prevention & Management
A. Credit Analysis 5C B. Business Credit Investigation
A. Common Delaying Tactics
B. Common Danger Signals for Accounts Receivable
C. Assessment of Overdue Accounts Receivable
D. Development of Collection Strategy and Methods
4. Preparation for Debt Collection 5.
A. Arrears Excuse & Collection Strategy
B. Collection Methods for Accounts Receivable
C. Collection Procedure for Overdue Accounts
D. Disputed Cases Handling
E. Accounts Receivable Principles
A. Real Cases Analysis B. Bad Debts Analysis
A. On-site Q&A to Solve the Actual Problems of the Trainees